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This is Bobsleigh. He is my 10 year old French Trotter gelding. Bought him in France while I was living there in 2013. Imported him to the USA in 2015 when I moved back to Texas. He began showing neurological sign 4 years. Had a full body bone scan down and full body radiographs. The Vet suggested it was cervical compression myleopothy. Just been trail riding and doing some dressage since then. About 6 months ago he went lame again. Hind end weakness/ataxia while under saddle. Totally pasture sound. Ive had his stifles injected, no change. Treated for EPM, no change. I got out his radiographs from 2017. Friend of mine told me about ECVM. I am convinced he has the C6/C7 malformation.


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